Business Etiquette Classes

Classes are available for Corporations and Colleges!


What you will take away from this section

  • Adapting yourself to your company and staying current in the industry
  • Growing your own brand – marketing yourself!
  • Healthy work environment
  • Earn respect and grow within your company
  • Business Etiquette CS (Common Sense)

And Much More
*Pricing Upon Request

“Thank you for the beneficial lesson on dining etiquette at the Chapman Career Summit meeting last week. I will take your advice and only drink white wine!”

“It was lovely spending time listening to you sharing with us your experience and knowledge. You have answered a couple of questions that I had hanging there. I am sure we all have felt more sophisticated after brushing with you!”

“Thank you again for speaking at the Summit Career Institute this week at Chapman University. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about etiquette and appreciated the attention to European as well as Americans way of dining. Your energy as a speaker is incredibly infectious and I couldn’t help but want to get out there and plan some sort of event.”