Thank you, thank you, so much for another GREAT evening!

Many of our Board members, guests, clients, ets., sent me compliments on our “Grand Opening”. You did another “Outstanding” job of delivering the “Rená” elegance, style, and excellence service on expects.

You did it again and I cannot Thank you enought!

Chris Walsh
Blue Gate Bank

“Thank you again for speaking at the Summit Career Institute this week at Chapman University. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about etiquette and appreciated the attention to European as well as Americans way of dining. Your energy as a speaker is incredibly infectious and I couldn’t help but want to get out there and plan some sort of event.”

“It was lovely spending time listening to you sharing with us your experience and knowledge. You have answered a couple of questions that I had hanging there. I am sure we all have felt more sophisticated after brushing with you!”

“Thank you for the beneficial lesson on dining etiquette at the Chapman Career Summit meeting last week. I will take your advice and only drink white wine!”

“Rená and I worked very closely on our Pacific Life Dinner Gala at the Paséa Hotel. This event hosted 1000 guests for a night of dinner, dancing and entertainment. This was the largest event Paséa had hosted. I hired Rená specifically because I knew she had our best interest at heart and I was confident that Rená and her team would work well with the hotel staff and guarantee a successful event.

The post event feedback was phenomenal and I know Coast Concierge was key in making this event run smooth, on time and on budget.”

“Fidelity National Title Insurance Company has hired Rena’ Puebla for the past two years to coordinate our employee Christmas parties as well as our summer family picnic for Orange County. These parties have been the most successful in our company’s history. Rena’ does a beautiful job, always acting in a professional manner and handling every detail with grace and style. I would, and do, recommend Rena’ every chance that I get and I look forward to a strong relationship for many years to come.”

“I have had the extreme pleasure the last several years working with Rena’ on our company party and I must say that every year has been better than the last. But most impressive is her personal attention to every detail from the very early stages of the planning to the very end. Thank you for making our company party something that is always extraordinary no matter what kind of budget you’re given. Its always a pleasure working with you and your great staff, your professionalism is outstanding.”

“Rena’s energy, enthusiasm, and positive attitude, coupled with her ability and expertise, make her a pleasure to know and work with.”

“It seems that each year you manage to top your previous memorable party. The Balboa Bay Club was an inspiration. The Epicurean fare, the entertainment and the “hands on” service you price are beyond reproach. As the Number One Soft Drink Company in the world our standards are of the highest quality in products and people. The events you facilitate are of the caliber that best exemplify those high standards. Your professionalism and attention to detail, along with best value, allow us to share those special moments with our staff in the manner befitting our logo.”

“Rena’ is one of the most creative, dependable, and ethical people I have encountered. She is a positive “up” person whose prime goal is adding class and prestige to any project she has initiated and is coordinating to successful completion. She is detail-oriented and thorough – if she says something will be done, it is handled. She is honest and straightforward (yet tactful) in communicating the facts – if she makes a recommendation, I trust her judgment; if she tells me something won’t work, I believe her.”

“I cannot say enough great things about Coast Concierge Service and the wonderful evening they created for not only me and my husband but our friends and family as well. We are still hearing from our friends that they have never been to a party so amazing. The praises just keep coming. Even our wedding photographer said he never had seen anything so beautiful and grand. We cannot say enough of what an amazing job Rena’ and her staff did planning the reception of our dreams. Fairy tales do come true.”

“Rena’, you have a talent for dreaming big – and helping us create events that grab people’s attention and distinguishes us from our competition. Your staff is always professional and hard working. But most impressive is your personal attention to every detail, both in the early stages as we prepare for an event and then on-site during the event itself. You amaze us with your energy and stamina. We appreciate that when we work with Coast Concierge Service, we are working with YOU, as you are always the first to arrive, the last to leave, and the hardest working person in between.”

“We cannot thank you enough for the work you did to make our dream wedding. We came to you with things half-planned and you took that and ran with it. Our wedding was truly MY DREAM wedding made a reality. We still have family and friends talking about how gorgeous everything was and how it was one of the nicest weddings they had ever been to. Without you, we couldn’t have done it. Everything went flawless. If there was a problem, we never knew about it. You and your staff handled it professionally and without incident.”

“For my wife’s 70 birthday last October, I wanted to plan a first class surprise party for her and her friends. With this in mind, I turned to Rená Puebla at Coast Concierge Service to handle the details. They left no stone unturned.

My wife was completely taken back by the entire event and treasures both the memory and the pictures. Simple words fail to describe the outcome, but spectacular, warm and wonderful, breathtaking and amazing seem appropriate. The bottom line was that this turned out to be the surprise birthday party of a lifetime!”

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for a wonderful event! I appreciate your special attention. The response has been overwhelming and all have raved at how nice it was – thanks to your efforts.”

“Thank you SO much for everything! Your energy, your enthusiasm, your spirit truly made this event wonderful and memorable. We cannot thank you enough!”