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Hyatt Huntington Beach Watertable Restaurant

Wow!!!!!!! What an experience. Having a complete tour with Event Manager Cheryl Martin & renowned Chef  Manfred Lassahn. The ambiance, presentation and food could not be any sexier!


Inside Dining                                                          Outside Dining







Wonderful Father’s Day weekend a fundraiser at the Tanaka Farms. Great Event!



On the walk  Ron & Rená Kokawa



Owner Glen Tanaka & Rená Puebla Kokawa


From Down and Dirty to Pretty and Flirty

The 100th Anniversary of the town of Perris, Riverside, was a lot of fun for us to plan and design. We had one week to transform this dirt lot into an elegant evening for 300 people!

bef_aft_2_lg bef_aft_1_lg

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