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Casino Nights!


The next time someone says that you are too old for games, remind them how fun a corporate casino night can be. As a built-in ice breaker and team builder, they are perfect for the holidays. Add a killer cosmopolitan or martini, and you have a holiday party with the WOW factor!

Casino Royale



casino 1


Hot Ideas for Bringing the Team Together

Summer time is here! These slower business months and hotter days, that have many of us looking out the window daydreaming, are a great time to find ways to bond with your team. Here are three.

1. Sundae making. Interactive stations such as this below, help break the ice, get people to play with their food (in a good way), and really bring in the feeling of summer to any type of corporate event.

team building
2. Let them play games! Enough of office politics, these games will get everybody on the same page and are a great way to create bonds that will enable any team to come together happy once back in the office. There are so many possibilities. There is a surf machine, shown below, games for showing off golf swings or competing in a friendly basketball shoot out, or you can go all out and set up a Go-Kart course. These are great for offices with large parking lots but we can add them at any location.

team building

3. And finally, the one everyone loves, the caricaturist. We know how everyone loves selfies! This is the ultimate selfie and gets people involved watching each other’s visage come to life in the artist’s talented hands.

team building
Team building is not just for summer. There are a lot of cool ways to bring your team together or say “thank you” in winter as well! With the holidays just around the corner, many prices will be going up soon. But get in touch with us now regarding your holiday event and we’ll be sure to put the freeze on them so your event can be fun, and affordable!

Fourth of July: Time to Have a Blast!

Fourth of July

Having an event on the Fourth of July is a great way to celebrate with your company, your friends, and your family. People are in the mood to celebrate not only summer, but also this sizzling holiday. Unfortunately, the color scheme can be rather, well, limiting! Here are some ideas to add sparkle, and the WOW factor – to patriotic red, white and blue.

Fourth of July

This is a great time to add a lot of sparkly embellishments … no such thing as overdoing it on this holiday!

Fourth of July

If you want to go classic and a bit more subdued, here is a nice way to do it. Start with a blue linen, white chairs, and flowers. Add red plates and stemware to finish this look in an All-American style!

Fourth of July
A white palette really makes these red accents pop!

Fourth of July

Fourth of July
My gift to you: A real “wow” of an idea! A patriotic swag bag is hot, hot, hot! Don’t wait until the end of your event to give it out. Sparklers, a small bag of red, white, and blue jellybeans, noisemakers, or a Solo cup emblazoned with a Fourth of July detail, creates a great icebreaker. Guests will have a lot of fun with the swag during the party. If you are having a corporate event, you can brand the items in your swag bag with your company logo to create a long-lasting memory.

Fourth of July
This is the time for indulgences!

Fourth of July
A signature drink as guests arrive is always a classy touch, and very welcoming! Create a tray filled with red (Cosmos), white (Martinis), and blue (Curacao Martinis) drinks to add that “wow” touch!

Fourth of July

If you are planning a Fourth of July wedding, I love this red, white and blue look by Nisie Vorachard, the Floral and Design Guru of Southern California. Even if you are planning it for this year, there is still time to talk to your lighting designer and add a pop of color that is so effective here.

Fourth of July
Finally, as it’s always good to end on a sweet note, this Strawberry Bavarian is a gorgeous addition to any dessert table!

From our team to yours, have a happy — and safe — Fourth of July!

A Surprise Birthday: Pretty in Pink

It’s not every day that someone goes back to school for their 50th birthday, but in this case, it just worked out that way!

“Our client was looking for something different in a venue beyond a hotel and restaurant,” Rená says.

She pointed him towards the Ocean Institute in Dana Point. The venue, by no means a regular event venue, was perfect for two reasons – it’s a community landmark, and it’s right on the water. Luckily, the client was in experienced hands.

A Surprise Birthday
The space before

“It’s a challenging location because it’s open to the public until 5:30,” Rená says. “This event was at 6 p.m. but our setup was in a classroom that wasn’t in use.”

Rena and her team had the day to transform a working classroom into a beautiful environment which for the evening was dubbed the “Sand Bar.” Because the birthday celebrant loved pink, that was reflected in the lighting design by Robert Campos, a Los Angeles-based lighting designer, and a signature drink of pink champagne.

A surprise brithday
The space after — the Sand Bar.

After dinner with two other couples, our client suggested they stop by the Sand Bar for an after-dinner drink; he wanted to see the new “club.” Imagine the wife’s surprise when she entered the room and instead of the club her husband had described, she entered her very own club filled with 100 of her friends!


After a buffet dinner of Mexican and Italian food – “The menus were both so good from Crème de la Crème, he chose not to choose,” Rena recalls – everyone danced to the Wes Quave Band from Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


Our client wrote us afterwards, “Everything was perfect and Wes and his band were beyond fantastic! They really got everyone up on the dance floor. Everyone has commented on how great everything was … You and your team are the very best!”

If only school had been like this it might not take anyone 50 years to get back to it!