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Hot Ideas for Bringing the Team Together

Summer time is here! These slower business months and hotter days, that have many of us looking out the window daydreaming, are a great time to find ways to bond with your team. Here are three.

1. Sundae making. Interactive stations such as this below, help break the ice, get people to play with their food (in a good way), and really bring in the feeling of summer to any type of corporate event.

team building
2. Let them play games! Enough of office politics, these games will get everybody on the same page and are a great way to create bonds that will enable any team to come together happy once back in the office. There are so many possibilities. There is a surf machine, shown below, games for showing off golf swings or competing in a friendly basketball shoot out, or you can go all out and set up a Go-Kart course. These are great for offices with large parking lots but we can add them at any location.

team building

3. And finally, the one everyone loves, the caricaturist. We know how everyone loves selfies! This is the ultimate selfie and gets people involved watching each other’s visage come to life in the artist’s talented hands.

team building
Team building is not just for summer. There are a lot of cool ways to bring your team together or say “thank you” in winter as well! With the holidays just around the corner, many prices will be going up soon. But get in touch with us now regarding your holiday event and we’ll be sure to put the freeze on them so your event can be fun, and affordable!